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Protection of Email Account

Protect your Email Account from Hacker

Now a days email account is easily hacked by Professional hacker. here is some tips to how to prevent your account from hacker. Must Follow this.

>> Always configure a Secondary Email Address for the recovery purpose.

>> Add your phone number and security question in your email account.

 >> Select strong password.

 Like >> *knowLedgefactory@6May2012@aug2012@facebookgroups# Use some character in ur password. This password is easy to remember but it is not easy to hack.

>> Change your password after one month or 15 days.

 >> Take Care of the Phishing Links. Do not Click one any link like security purpose or something like that.

>> Do not Share your password to your Friends or anybody.
>> Do not use other computer for check your mails.

>> Turn one 2 Step Verification in gmail account.

>> Always use https:// Do not use http://

>> Always enter link in address bar with https:// for open any aacount. Do not search from google or any search engine.